Integrating Academic Discourse into Mathematics Lessons (Mini Course)

Term End Date: Aug 20, 2021


Often, classroom talk is centered on the teacher presenting information, the teacher asking quick answer questions, and students answering those questions. When we think about learning classrooms we want to change these teaching interactions to learning interactions. Research has shown that engaging students in academic discourse plays a key role in student learning, and to better engage students in this type of talk our focus here will be on a better understanding of the types of conversations that we want students to have in the classroom. Within learning interactions, most of the dialogue comes from students. They discuss concepts, express ideas, challenge others’ thinking, and answer deep learning questions presented by the teacher. In this course, we will cover topics that will help classrooms change from implementing teacher interactions to implementing learning interactions. This course is divided into the following modules: 1. Understanding Academic Discourse 2. Strategies for Integrating Academic Discourse 3. Implement and Reflect

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K-5, 6-8, 9-12, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Domain 1: Planning and Preparation, Domain 2: Classroom Environment, Domain 3: Instruction, Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities, Technology Integration, English Language Learners (ELLs), Pedagogy, Social Studies, (NP) No Participant Guide, Fast Track Courses, Mini-Courses, Strategies for Special Populations, PK-2, Admin Leadership Development, Teacher Leadership Development, Active Teaching & Learning Strategies, Supportive Learning Environments, Data-Driven Instructional Practices, Community & Family Support for Learning, Teacher Induction,