*(NEW) Managing the Virtual Classroom: Keeping it Positive!

Term End Date: Aug 20, 2021


In this course, participants will gain insight into virtual and hybrid classroom management and ways to keep a positive focus. Shifts in classroom practices in the virtual and hybrid classroom will be highlighted, including setting up a positive classroom culture, explicitly teaching expectations and reinforcing positive behaviors, and building positive relationships with students. Research shows that teacher’s actions, including classroom management, have a high impact on student achievement. Numerous studies conducted over the past few decades have outlined the importance of having a classroom where students and teachers are clear on behavioral expectations as well as consequences for inappropriate behavior. The importance of classroom management extends to virtual and hybrid learning environments as well. This course will explore practical teaching strategies to integrate positive classroom management into a virtual or hybrid classroom. Various areas of classroom management will be explored, including developing relationships with students in the virtual environment, teaching social skills, teaching cooperative learning strategies, rules and expectations for participation in a virtual environment, student buy-in, consistency, and other topics. Participants will learn about the “public praise/private conversations” philosophy and how it can change the dynamic of the classroom.

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K-5, 6-8, 9-12, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Domain 1: Planning and Preparation, Domain 2: Classroom Environment, Domain 3: Instruction, Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities, Technology Integration, English Language Learners (ELLs), Pedagogy, Social Studies, (NP) No Participant Guide, Fast Track Courses, Mini-Courses, Strategies for Special Populations, PK-2, Admin Leadership Development, Teacher Leadership Development, Active Teaching & Learning Strategies, Supportive Learning Environments, Data-Driven Instructional Practices, Community & Family Support for Learning, Teacher Induction,